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Hair Maintenance


1. Loop paddled brush- this brush is not an ordinary wig brush. The bristles has loops so that the hair doesn't shed during brushing. Its not as harsh as the typical wig brush which causes a lot of shedding. when untangling your virgin hair, always make sure you start from THE BOTTOM and work your way to the top, using your loop paddled brush. This will make the hair even more unlikely to shed.

2. Herbal Essences "Hello Hydration"  shampoo and conditioner. It is in a Blue Bottle. I find this shampoo very moisturizing yet gentle on the virgin hair.The key word is MOISTURIZING.

during washing if  your virgin hair is installed, only wash while you are in the shower with your BACK FACING THE WATER so that hair is getting wet going in a downward motion.

Do not rub while washing instead,  use the "squeeze method". only directly scrub the SCALP as much as possible. Also, while washing  your virgin hair, I recommend condition the virgin  hair as the first step,  then, second step shampoo, and then  last step, CONDITION again. Conditioning the hair as the first step is to prevent tangling during shampooing, and the last step to retain a good moisture.

, remember to untangle virgin hair using your LOOP PADDLED BRUSH before getting the virgin hair wet. DO NOT USE EXTREMELY HOT WATER ON YOUR VIRGIN HAIR, this could damage the hair in its self. luke warm to cool water is needed to shampoo and condition the hair. If you purchased wavy textured hair, its best to let it Air dry so that it can wave up to your desire.

Conditioning the hair is very important During the times that you want to wash your hair while it is installed, you do not always have to shampoo it. Conditioning it is good enough. You want to wash the hair at least once every two weeks.

Do not ever use any African American hair products on your virgin hair. Brazilian hair is actually raw Spanish hair therefore you will need to use Caucasian products. From my experience,  Pantene Pro V MOISTURIZING shampoo and conditioner OR Herbal Essences in a blue bottle called "Hello Hydration" . I find the Herbal essences a better product. The shampoo and conditioner is awesome. I use only those two products when maintenancing virgin hair when servicing my clients.

There's also a product that I like to use called Coconut Milk by a brand called OrganiX . it is a light oil  to moisturize your virgin hair. Again, only a small amount is needed to saturate the hair. you can find it at your local Walgreens, or Walmart. Coconut Milk can be applied on wet or dry hair. Remember, during the washing process, whether you wash your  virgin hair when it is installed or not, NO HOT WATER TEMPERATURES ON YOUR VIRGIN HAIR.

3. Another good oil for the Virgin hair is Argon Morocco oil . use when you want to moisturize the hair or when it is dry. It's also a good idea to use it prior to blow drying the hair if you choose.
*The Brazilian hair goes back to wavy after its wet ONLY if you let it air dry. Blow drying it will make it straight.

* Do NOT use any tea tree oil products at ALL on the Brazilian hair this really dries the hair out badly.

 Do NOT USE any oil Sheen or lotion moisturizers. 

 Do NOT use any leave in conditioners...these things will weigh the hair down really bad. When using your Morocco oil, only a DIME SIZE amount is needed to moisturize the entire head. The oil is rich therefore you will only need a small amount or else it makes the hair look weighed down

* Brazilian hair iron curls immaculately.  However, you do not want to put heat to this hair every day because you will damage the texture. Consider buying flexible rods to quickly make beautiful curls without damaging the hair.

*Should the hair begin to shed, you may want to consider having it taken down and the wefts sealed. I also offer those services for a reasonable fee.

Be sure to choose a moisturizing color and deep conditioning if you decide to dye or Ombre' your virgin hair. During my services in maintaining Brazilian hair, I use Creme of Nature because it has an outstanding moisturizing system such as Argon Morocco oil.

If you would like to wash the virgin after it is removed,

1.use a big bowl, add warm water to the bowl with about 3-4 drops of shampoo. 

2.Use the swishing motion to wash the hair.do not rub the hair, rinse with warm water running in the bowl...repeat the same steps with conditioner.

*** Let hair AIR DRY if you are washing it while it is not installed.
***at night keep hair covered in a silk bonnet, or something satin...DO NOT USE OR SLEEP on any cotton material while wearing virgin hair. This will severely dry the hair out. To maintain the wave, put hair in two twists,  pin the hair back before tying silk or satin material on the head.